(Kohuke) Chocolate and Cherry Surprise


Kohuke are a chocolate glazed quark snack.  Do be alarmed these are tasty bites when popped into your mouth whole.  All the flavours mingle together to taste like a black forest cheese cake!   Yum

Kohuke is a traditional Estonian recipe and is served as snacks and treats.  I got this recipe from Ruta who has kindly said I can share her recipe with you all.

https://estoniancuisine.com/about-estonian-food-blog/  Click on Ruta’s, blog link. There is lots of different recipes, its a great blog.  I love learning about different countries and their specialties.

I made them yesterday and took them to my Slimming World Group where once a month we have tasters of healthier food.  They were a big hit, everyone loved them.  When asked what they were called I said “chocolate, cheesy, balls!”   Thanks to my friend Sarah, they have a new name, Chocolate and Cherry Surprise, this is so much better!!

(I have used sweetener in this recipe as it fits in line with the Slimming World diet plan.  If you are not doing the plan I would use sugar, as I do worry about the chemicals etc in false sugar products)

INGREDIENTS                           MADE 28img_4124

  • X 2 small tubs of quark
  • x 1 200 gram of chocolate
  • Sugar   (or sweetener)
  • Cherries  (punnet)
  • Mint leaves (optional)



(Slimming World Members these are 1 Syn each)


First of all take a small pan, half fill it with water place it on a high heat to heat up.  Then pop on a small bowl, turn down the heat so it doesn’t boil over.  Break up the chocolate leave it in the bowl to melt.



Whilst the chocolate is slowly melting, put the quark into a tea towel or napkin.  You need to wring out the liquid from the quark, it needs to be very dry. You may need to do this twice whilst half way through making the little balls.


Next take small pieces of the quark and roll them into small balls.  Then roll them into the sugar and then into the chocolate with a fork.  Place them on to some non-stick baking paper.  Push in tooth picks.

When they are all rolled place them into the fridge to set.  Whilst they are setting, cut the cherries in half taking out the stone.

They take about 15 minutes to set, depending on the temperature of the fridge.  Take them out add the cherries and mint.

TIP    √  You can use any fruit you like to add to chocolates.


All there is to do now is pop them in your mouth.

Enjoy !

Emily x

P.S  ……. Thanks Ruta for introducing me to these delicious treats.



11 thoughts on “(Kohuke) Chocolate and Cherry Surprise

  1. This looks so pretty and tasty!
    I love the idea of using Quark cheese in this way. Originally I’m from Israel, where Quark cheese is used extensively, but I’ve never seen it used in this way. Here in the States I have to go to a specialty store to find Quark, but I will definitely give this recipe a try as soon as I get it. Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much for your support and reading my little blog. It’s amazing where food and recipes come from. Thank you I love and aspire to have a blog like you! It is so interesting how from only blogging for a month,? I’m learning about food and heritages! I’m lucky quark is in all our stores… but not many of us know how to use it including me! If it wasn’t for my diet club, Slimming World, (it’s not the same, but like Weight watchers with more freedom) In the 🇬🇧, Inwouldn’t know about it! It’s used as a lower fat alternative within sauces etc! Instead of creams. I’ve found that I can’t use it as a whole product, but using quark with, creams or lower fat creme like for like, it works so well and no one would guess! We have all got used to too so much fats etc in diets! I can’t believe how my palate has changed! I used butter and oil all the time, 😊At the moment I’m focusing on trying to be healthy! I believe this is healthy without compromise on taste ! I wouldn’t put anything on my blog that isn’t tasty! ❤


      • Learning about other cultures and cuisines and meeting so many creative people is the most rewarding thing I find in blogging.
        It’s interesting that you’ve discovered quark cheese via your dieting club. In Israel it is the most common cheese and every household has it. It ranges from 0-9% fat and comes in many flavors, from natural to ones with olives, peppers, pesto, garlic and more… So good! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • Ooh I wish we had all those variations here we only seem to have low fat ones! That’s really interesting about Israel. I agree it’s meeting people you would never get chance to otherwise is just brilliant!


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