Spring is here! 

I’m so lucky to be washing up with this view of the Derbyshire Dales.  The sun is streaming into my kitchen after a day of batch cooking my Mushroom Soup.  With a happy heart and suds up to my elbows.

After working for years painstakingly restoring our 1700’s farm house. Selling home made jams, chutneys and eggs from out side it. Now seems to be the right time for myself and family. Things are sort of sloting into place and making sense.

This is Dorothy, she is adorable, she lays the best eggs.  I cant meet the demand on my doorstep sales.  Unfortunately, we’ve recently had problems with a fox who’s taken half our flock.  Its so harrowing to watch them been taken right in front of you!

The last few weeks…  I’ve been busy making them a new enclosure which is still large.  But I’m no longer allowing them to wander completely free.  It’s so sad, but after the cheeky fox (I’m being polite) was sat in the middle of our drive way at 3pm, I really don’t have a choice.  With perches, plenty of grass and hanging up bird feeders, I’m hoping they get used to the new prison they in-habit!

Sorry, I digress beside all of that I want to say a big THANK YOU to all of you!  My family, old and now my new blogging friends from all over the world, for giving me the confidence.

This blog all started in my diet club, where my new friends there encouraged me to do a recipe blog.  They are an amazing bunch of ladies who never fail to make me smile and laugh! I wouldn’t be here if not for them!

I was lucky enough to design my kitchen from scratch in accordance with environmental health rules for making food.  It’s been finished for a couple of years now, I honestly don’t know how many meals I’ve cooked and shared happy times with family and friends here!

Thank you my fellow bloggers for the nominations for blogging awards.  I have not taken them for granted, and have felt hounered.  I want to take time to properly acknowledge you and write a good blog, hope to find time very shortly!

So thank you again! My first batch of soup is in the freezer!

300ml, one large bowl full of delicious mushroom with thyme and whole grain mustard soup made !

The sun is just setting over the hills,  it’s about high time I thought about feeding my children dinner!  I haven’t a clue about that recipe yet!

Hope the sun is shinning wherever you are in the world!

Take care everyone!

Emily x ❤


14 thoughts on “Spring is here! 

  1. Emily,
    That view from your kitchen window is so beautiful and so is Dorothy! Thanks for sharing these fabulous photos.I have a great group of friends in a book club and a arts and crafts club who encouraged me to start my healthy Indian cooking classes. So I can relate to having friends who encourage.
    Your soup looks fabulous! And I applaud you for following your dreams and starting your business!

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    • Aah Sandhya that’s so kind of you to comment and being complimented is lovely thank you! I’m thinking about doing cookery classes too, so I may be looking for your help or ideas soon. I’ve been so busy this week with orders I’m struggling to keep up! Because everything is new it’s taking more time but I’m very happy! I must admit as you can see from my blog I love all sorts of food but Indian cuisine and curries you just can’t beat! 😊

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