Classic Ragu Bolognese

img_6214Simple and hearty this Ragu Bolognese its always a family winner, with step by step instruction and video.  This recipe is great for leftovers and makes an amazing base which can be adapted to be the filling for lasagne too!

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Chocolate Chilli Con Carne ! 


What’s not to love about this classic….. Chilli Con Carne!  It’s so versatile it can be made into burritos with the left-overs.  I think it tastes even better the next day.  This dish is an ultimate family feast winner.  I love the coriander and the cumin flavours rounded off with the rich chocolate!

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Beef in beer (or maybe not) hearty casserole 

This casserole is really rich and fulfilling, it just cooks straight in the oven with no browning on the hob.  Or can be made in the slow cooker also!  Served with greens and whatever potatoes you like!  Only down side is getting the casserole pot clean again!

TIP  √  This can also be a one pot dish if you want to add new potatoes to the dish half way through.

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