Emily’s Healthy Crust-less Quiche

So easy, this Crust-less Quiche is really versatile, you can fill them with whatever filling you want.  These are so tasty and delicious and they are pretty healthy too. A big bonus is they are also great for freezing too!.  Step by step pictures and video included at the bottom of the recipe.

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Tuna, prawn and lemongrass pasta


Quick, delicious and  zingy Tuna &  Prawn, lemongrass pasta is a delight.  Full of Mediterranean  flavours its an easy two pot meal and can be made in under 20 minutes.  Great for a Friday night feast!

INGREDIENTS                SERVES 4

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Rustic Paella 🥘 

Plentiful paella, is a easy and very filling tasty dish.  With lots of rich flavours its a family winter winner.  A one pot meal too, anything that is this easy to do, delicious and little washing up is a hit for me!

Paella originates from Valencia in Spain, there is many variations of the dish.  Some Paellas are made just using snails and spices and rice, others near the coast are mainly seafood dishes. This is my version for my family, so I’ve used my creative licence! Continue reading