Preserved Lemon Chicken Tagine 🍋 

There’s really something fantastic about this dish and its depth of Moroccan spices without too much heat.  The heady scent of cinnamon and cumin with the lemon is filling our home.   Taking me back to our holidays in mesmerizing  Marrakesh,  Jack frost  and the icy fog is banished from my thoughts.  Tantalising our senses, I dream about Morocco and all the amazing experiences and food flavours, which are so easy to cook.

Tagine is a traditional clay pot used in Morocco for placing in an oven or fire pit.  If you don’t have one just use a solid casserole pot with a lid.  You usually start off the dish by frying/browning the onions and meat.  Once all the ingredients are added it can be placed into the oven to slowly cook, let all the flavours do their magic! Continue reading “Preserved Lemon Chicken Tagine 🍋 “

Beef in beer (or maybe not) hearty casserole 

This casserole is really rich and fulfilling, it just cooks straight in the oven with no browning on the hob.  Or can be made in the slow cooker also!  Served with greens and whatever potatoes you like!  Only down side is getting the casserole pot clean again!

TIP  √  This can also be a one pot dish if you want to add new potatoes to the dish half way through.

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