Emily’s Cheats Perfect Poached Eggs

This is so easy and assures that the poached eggs come out gooey and just perfect, foolproof!

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Emily’s Butternut Squash Tagine


Delicious silky butternut squash and halloumi tagine recipe.

An economical dish, but big in flavour.  Step by step photos and video included.  You can of course add many things to a tagine, a tagine is a traditional clay cooking pot used in Morocco.  I’m lucky enough to own one, but I know most people don’t have them, just use a good solid sauce pan instead! Continue reading

Flipping Divine Butternut Squash Pancakes

Truly divine, these butternut squash pancakes have to be the best thing I have made since I started blogging!  Today is Pancake day in the UK, I was looking for a different recipe than the norm.  I have made two versions, a vegetarian one as in the pictures, or a chicken and bacon variety.  Both topped off with layers of sweet chilli tomato sauce and tangy lime, mint yogurt.  The flavour infusion is truly amazing.

In the UK we tend to have the sweet pancakes, made with a basic flour batter.  They are usually coated with lemon and sugar, chocolate sauce or golden syrup.  This is another version to try, you won’t be disappointed. Continue reading

Veggie lasagne with ricotta and mozzarella!


Bursting with full of sweet flavours and textures, this is a luxurious lasagne.  The creamy ricotta toping goes so well with the rich ragu, covering the medley of vegetables layered between the pasta sheets, this is a comfort food winner!

I made this up by using left over vegetables in my fridge you can use allsorts of different veggies, you can be creative! Continue reading