Welcome to my kitchen!

Breaking News…

I am excited to announce That I’ve Beaten the Chef – Michelin Starred – Mark Sargent! ! 3 times ! Channel 4 Monday 10th June at 5.30 Watch it on Catch up!

A bit about me…..

Hi!  I am Emily, 44 years old, Married to Mike for 20 years and have two teenage children, pet chickens and our adorable dog Dexter.  We are so lucky to live in Derbyshire in a small rural, historic town, Wirksworth.

I’ve been cooking for almost as long as I can remember.  My Nan taught my Mum to cook, My Mum taught myself and my brother to cook, the pattern has continued down to my children too! My family is just full of fantastic foodie loving cooks!

Cooking is my happy place and my passion, in fact its where I zone out. Spending many hours cooking and reading recipe books. I love watching TV cookery shows, like Masterchef and The Great British Menu, they inspire me to cook. I believe food should be full of flavour exciting, as what would be the point otherwise!

This is an exciting new adventure for me!  2 years ago a lovely friend  suggested that I should do a food blog….. Eventually, when I Goggled what a food blog was and I decided to take the plunge! So here I am with thanks to Sarah! 

I hadn’t realised just how obsessed with cooking I was.  I’ve met so many lovely foodie people via Instagram from all over the world. Its a great platform to chat to like minded food obsessed people.  I’ve already had some many fantastic experiences!  From a Master Class at Northcote with Lisa Goodwin Allen and Chris Holland.

To now being on a NEW TV SERIES – Beat The Chef – on Channel 4, It Starts Monday 27th May 2019 at 5.30pm ! Watch this space to see how I do? So do I Beat the Chef?

Would you like to learn to cook? Contact me if you would like to have a cookery demonsration, lesson, 1-2-1, join me for afternoon tea or pop up super clubs!

Emily x